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Leadership Council Bluffs

Leadership Council Bluffs is an intense, graduate level program, designed to identify and develop leaders within our community and help them design and enhance their own leadership style with an emphasis on the community perspective. 

The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce, in a partnership with the Leadership Council Bluffs Alumni Association, has developed a special program to identify, motivate and inform future leaders in our community. Leadership Council Bluffs is intended to offer individuals with community leadership potential the opportunity to develop knowledge and sharpen leadership skills through a series of sessions focusing on issues affecting our community.

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The Program

Sessions are designed to help participants sense what Council Bluffs needs. The program exposes future leaders to the past, present and future of the community by combining presentations of current leaders, tours and dialogue between participants and the community decision-makers. The goal is to bring class members face to face with the challenges Council Bluffs is meeting and to inspire them to accept responsibility for providing necessary leadership. Each session is a full day. Social opportunities encourage participants to become better acquainted and foster mutual interests in working together to address challenges facing this progressive, growing community. Business firms and organizations usually pay tuition for their candidates. However, individuals may pay their own fees.

The Benefits

Leadership Council Bluffs graduates benefit in many areas. Participants refine skills and realize potentials, review Council Bluffs' history and become involved in its future. They examine connections between various community systems. Students gain direct experience in new areas and establish valuable relationships – both personal and professional – which endure long after graduation. Employers or sponsoring organizations benefit from the invaluable insights and experience gained, as well as from participants' improved leadership skills and involvement in the community. And, Council Bluffs benefits because it has gained additional responsible, civic-minded leaders who know how to work toward the good of the community.

The Selection

Leadership Council Bluffs is held each month from September through May. Candidates for the nine-month program should:
- Possess a desire to develop strong leadership skills and interpersonal relationships.
- Have a genuine interest in Council Bluffs and in learning to work effectively with the community.
- Be committed to attending and participating in each and every class session and several extra- curricular projects.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Lori Shields at or (712) 325-1000. Visit Leadership Council Bluffs on Facebook.

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Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Council Bluffs is a program designed to develop and educate youth to become socially-minded, active young adults. The program helps youth develop relationships and liaisons in the community that will encourage them to seek employment in the area. Students apply as high school sophomores and participate in the program their junior year.

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Youth Leadership Council Bluffs (YLCB) has been developed through the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce with a steering committee of community members, which include educators and community stakeholders. YLCB is an exciting opportunity for Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie County to retain mindful, intelligent, and enthusiastic youth in our community. This 8-month leadership program invests in high school Juniors through teaching them about community-minded subjects. These subjects include:

- Leadership and Teamwork training
- Government
- Heritage and Culture
- Human Service
- Economic Development
- Education

There is a constant need in any community to continually strengthen its young population who represent future employees, entrepreneurs, homeowners/renters, families, and a new tax base. There are lots of reasons youth leave the place where they were raised - some of which includes the availability of jobs, basic quality of life, and cost of living. The challenge for Council Bluffs and surrounding communities is to educate youth about opportunities and advantages that already exist and future plans to grow within each community. It is the main goal of YLCB to provide area youth with a hands-on opportunity to take part in local social and civic functions in order to retain them in our community.

YLCB is designed to create a two-fold investment. Community members and stakeholders invest in the development and education of youth in order to produce socially minded, productive young adults. The community members will support and encourage area youth to excel while lending guidance to find high-quality jobs after secondary education or college studies. In turn, youth become invested in the community because of their experiences and the relationships they have built. Young adults will return to a place where they already have networking ties to find employment and is a secure and safe place to raise a family at a reasonable cost.

Visit Youth Leadership Council Bluffs on Facebook.


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