Almost 35 million people are located within 500 miles of Council Bluffs, including all of the major Midwestern cities, such as Chicago, Des Moines, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

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Council Bluffs is strategically located at the intersection of four U.S. and six state highways. The two major Interstate highways are:

  • I-80, which is the second longest Interstate Highway in the United States, goes from San Francisco, California to Teaneck, New Jersey; and,
  • I-29, which goes from Kansas City, Missouri, at a junction with Interstate 35 and Interstate 70 to the Canadian border near Pembina, North Dakota, where it connects with Manitoba Highway 75.

Interstate Access


Three Class I railroads – Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Canadian National, and Union Pacific – plus Iowa Interstate Railroad, serve the Council Bluffs region with daily switching and piggyback service.

Union Pacific railroad operates 25 Intermodal facilities nationally. Council Bluffs is home to the only Intermodal facility in the state of Iowa.  Owned and operated by the Iowa Interstate Railroad and offering switch service with the Union Pacific, the Intermodal facility offers Council Bluffs businesses the convenience of trucks pick-up and delivery with the reliable cost-efficient rail transportation.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Canadian National
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Iowa Economic Development Authority

Up Routes

Union Pacific National Intermodal Facilities. Source: Union Pacific Railroad.


Council Bluffs is served by two regional airports:

Council Bluffs Municipal Airport (

    • Number of runways: 2
    • Runway length: 3650 feet and 5,500 feet
    • Fixed-base operator: Advanced Air, Inc.
    • Selected services: aircraft maintenance, aircraft rental, calibration of tools, catering, charter air travel, computer testing services, fuel, and pilot supplies

Eppley Airport in Omaha, the largest airport in Nebraska ( :

    • Total 2012 passenger volume: 4.1 million
    • Total jet service air carriers: 18, from six airline groups
    • Total freight companies: 7
    • Daily air carrier departures: Approximately 75-80
    • Number of runways: 6
    • Runway length: 8,153 feet to 9,502 feet
    • A national airport services by 21 (6 airline groups) jet service air carriers with approximately 90 airline flights per day. Non-stop service to 17 cities, plus four seasonal non-stop flights, including international connections in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, and Washington, D.C.


Airports And Airlines


Council Bluffs' location on the Missouri River provides businesses access to a barge with multiple terminals. The Missouri River is navigable for approximately eight months of the year at a depth of eight feet.


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