• 2023 UNbelievable Workplaces Celebration


    March 9, 2023

    COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA – UNbelievable Workplaces is a third-year program developed and managed by the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce. The program is designed to help area businesses track employee satisfaction. Area employers can utilize the UNbelievable Workplaces program to obtain insight from their associates, create a culture that employees will want to work in; and share their commitment to workplace culture through the designation as an unbelievable place to work.
    Understanding the culture of your workplace is the best way to increase employee engagement and retention. Promoting this distinction to potential applicants positions a business well as they work to maximize their recruitment and retention strategies and opportunities.
    “Engaged employees are happy, more productive, and have a higher retention rate with their current company,” says Alicia Frieze, workforce development director for the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce. “According to Gallup, managers are responsible for 70% of employee engagement variances. So, we are honored to recognize the businesses that have put in the work to ensure their associates feel valued, respected, appreciated, and heard.™”
    According to Forbes the cost of turning over an employee is 33% of that employee’s salary.  Businesses can reduce their turnover by regularly surveying their associates’ engagement and satisfaction.  Businesses that participate in the UNbelievable Workplaces program receive a report that indicates areas of strengths and opportunities for improvements and a comparative report by position. The CB Chamber recommends that companies conduct this survey at least once a year, but also that they continue to check in with their associates during one on ones and team meetings.
    For a business or organization to receive the designation of an Unbelievable Workplaces, the following qualifications must be met:
    Report the number of associates on their team & their current turnover.
    60% of their team must respond to the survey.
    75% of questions - have a 60% or higher score.
    “Unbelievable Workplaces CB is a prime example of why our workforce development program is so important to the Council Bluffs and Pottawattamie County community,” says Drew Kamp, president & CEO of the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce.  “By allowing the employees of our outstanding employers to recognize the amazing things that are being done within their respective entities, we assist in the attraction and retention of talent and help our businesses and community grow!"
    The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce is honored to recognize these 25 businesses or organizations located in our community as UNbelievable Workplaces!  These businesses include:

    Large Businesses
    Iowa Western Community College

    Medium Businesses
    American Games
    Lewis Central Community School District
    International Gamco
    Midstates Bank
    Midlands Living Center
    Trivium Life Services
    TS Banking Group

    Small Businesses
    Advance Southwest Iowa Corporation
    All Care Health Center
    Avenue Schlars Southwest Iowa
    BAT Logistics
    Community Foundation for Western Iowa
    Council Bluffs Schools Foundation
    FAMILY, Inc.
    Heartland Properties
    HGM Associates and HGM Associates, Council Bluffs Location
    Iowa West Foundation
    New Visions Homeless Services
    Omaha/Council Bluffs Bridges Out of Poverty
    Omni Dental Centre
    Thriving Families Alliance
    Willson & Pechacek, PLC
     “With the competitive labor market that exists in the Council Bluffs / Omaha area we knew that it would be highly advantageous for American Games and International Gamco to have certification as Unbelievable Workplaces to support recruiting and retention.” States Jim Meyer with American Games and International Gamco “Before presenting the survey to our employees we thought that even if we were not able to receive this certification we could at least learn more about what our employees think on an anonymous basis and implement actionable steps to improve.  We feel honored to receive this distinction in both facilities and feel this enables us to recruit high caliber employees as we continue to grow.”
    Area businesses will have an opportunity to participate in Unbelievable Workplaces annually.  Registration for the next round of Unbelievable Workplaces will be available in December of 2022.  For more information regarding how your business or organization can participate in this program, please contact Alicia Frieze, workforce development director at the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce, at (712) 325-1000 or alicia@councilbluffsiowa.com.
    Beverly Buol, Acquisition and Engagement Team Coordinator says, “Our employees are the heart of who Trivium Life Services is.  Being selected as an Unbelievable Workplace validates our commitment to not only our employees but our mission and vision as well. As Trivium continues to grow, we will strive to manifest and strengthen our company culture.  Receiving this recognition is a great honor.”
    We celebrated the awarded businesses yesterday at our UNbelievable Workplaces Celebration.  Photos of our event will be available online by the end of the week.
    To find out more about the program or view photos, please visit www.UNbelievableWorkplacesCB.com

    2023 UNbelievable Workplaces Slide Show 

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