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  • The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce has focused on four challenges affecting our businesses and communities.  Those four challenges are:

    1. Reduce aggregate employee turnover within participating businesses to less than 10%.  improve employee retention.
    2. Increase the percentage of people participating in the labor pool to 80%.  In other words: decrease % of people in the community that doesn’t participate in the workforce. 
    3. Increase brain gain (% of adults with education beyond high school) to 55%. This is accomplished by either retaining talent in our community and/or upscaling the skills of existing labor.  
    4. Increase the number of employers that offer fully-funded apprenticeship programs to 50% (wage earned + paid education).

    It is with the support and dedication of our industry partners like you that the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce can partner with Iowa Western Community College’s academic opportunities to get our residents into the workforce or an advanced career.

    We are working with IWCC to provide some additional wrap-around services to their Education 2 Employment opportunities. These enhancements intend to identify and work with residents that are under or unemployed.  We will work with them to get them from any level of education/career experiences they currently have and put them through Continued Education programs to get them into our workforce. 

    We invite you to formally acknowledge your level of commitment as an industry partner by signing a memorandum of understanding as a business partner. As a business partner, you agree to provide an interview to any participant that completes the career track(s) that we have an open position(s).

    Please visit our enrollment form to see open positions and sign up as a business partner. 

    CB Career Acceleration - E2E - Business Partner