• 4 Tools for Improving Your Council Bluffs, IA Businesses’ Staff Recruitment

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    Employees are the lifeblood of any organization, and as a business owner, staffing should be a top priority. Finding quality candidates can sometimes pose a challenge, but by investing in your recruitment process, you can ensure that your operation runs more smoothly at every level. These tips from the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce can help you attract more skilled workers to your company.


    1. Job Postings

    Help-wanted ads are one of the most traditional forms of recruitment, regardless of the size of your business, but there is an art to creating compelling and engaging job postings. When writing your posting, it helps to approach it from a marketing perspective.


    Whether you are posting your ad in the paper, on a career site, or with a staffing agency, targeting your message to a specific audience can help you prevent qualified professionals from overlooking your ad while filtering out those who might not be a good fit.


    Be clear and concise when describing the company, position, and salary package, and consider mentioning benefits, such as advancement opportunities, job perks, or professional development opportunities. Focusing on the positive elements of a job opening can increase interest. Consider putting all of these details into a downloadable file to showcase what you have to offer. You likely have this information in other files, and these steps show you how to extract specific pages from your PDF. You can then use the extracted sections to create a new brochure or informational packet for potential new hires. 


    2. Employee Referral Programs

    Your employees serve a vital function in your business operation, but they can also be a valuable resource for recruitment. Launching a referral program allows you to reward existing employees for connecting you with potential candidates while minimizing the time and money involved in the process.


    According to experts, referrals can help you find the best hires since these workers tend to have a stronger work ethic, better cultural compatibility, and higher retention.


    To develop your employee referral program, consider how many new positions you intend to fill and how you will reward people who participate. Many popular programs offer employees generous perks, such as cash bonuses, gift cards, or time off work in exchange for their social connections.


    3. Social Media Promotions

    While social media accounts are powerful tools for your company's marketing campaigns and sales promotions, these platforms can also be effective for increasing staff recruitment. Ads on Facebook and other social media sites provide many advantages since they allow you to reach a broad audience of potential candidates without a significant upfront cost.


    A Facebook ads maker allows you to easily design an ad using online templates that offer various customizability options. You can personalize your message by including your company logo and a compelling recruitment message. Make your ad stand out by customizing the colors, fonts, and images to attract potential applicants.


    4. Promotional Videos

    Recruitment videos are a popular way to attract new employees to your business. Unlike printed ads, videos allow you to convey a strong sense of your company's culture, work environment, and mission. This can make it easy for potential applicants to imagine themselves working for your company. 


    To ensure your video is entertaining and engaging, include your business's mission statement, interviews with current staff, and footage from team-building events. A well-made promotional video can drastically increase interest in your company's available openings. 


    Start Recruiting with Confidence


    When recruiting new employees for your business, there are many methods for increasing interest in your company and attracting quality candidates. No matter how you promote, be transparent about what the job entails and what benefits and perks are offered. Social media platforms and promotional videos allow you to reach a large audience of potential applicants, and targeted postings and referral programs can help you focus on the qualities you are looking for in your future hires. 


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