• Impact CB Committees

  • Membership Committee - The membership committee directs and oversees membership activities for Impact CB. This includes developing programs and initiatives, providing input for strategic decisions, and setting policies designed to increase membership and retaining current members. The membership committee creates, updates, and distributes information to current members, as well as, prospective members. 

    Communications Committee - The communications committee manages and updates the Impact CB social media accounts which include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The committee is responsible for creating event pages, marketing events on social media, using paid advertising, posting informational content geared toward young professionals, and responding to comments and messages that come into the accounts. 

    Events Committee - The events committee plans and executes all events for Impact CB. The committee is responsible for reaching out to local business to host events, partnering with local organizations to raise funds, and hosting networking events for members. We do this while achieving the overall goals of the organization.