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  • Lead Early Childhood Educator/Daycare Staff

    Posted: 11/09/2021


    Responsible for implementing the curriculum by developing daily lesson plans and teaching living skills which in turn develop the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical skills necessary for the successful growth of the child. In addition, responsible to providing daily program supervision in the absence of the Site Director or Early Childhood Education Specialist.  Responsible for completing assigned tasks as requested by the supervisor.


    1. Develop and fully implement daily lesson plans which include a balance of both indoor and outdoor activities.  Lesson plans are to encourage teacher-child interaction, stress child-centered activities that promote the growth of the child and follow the philosophy of the High/Scope curriculum. 
    2. Promote positive communication with parents that is consistent with the agency code of ethics and confidentiality policy to build, maintain and enhance open parent/teacher discussions regarding each child’s growth while enrolled at the Center.  Methods of communication include completing daily reports that both inform parents about individual children’s growth along with educating parents on curriculum areas as identified on daily reports, completing progress reports on individual children bi-annually or as required by the Site Director and initiating conversation with each parent regarding their child’s growth in relation to identified goals and any concerns/needs of the child. 
    3. Ensure that all steps in the assessment process for individual children are completed and maintained in the identified timeframes: maintenance of individual portfolios for all children which include (at the minimum) anecdotal records for all children, examples of past work, past and current development goals and progress in relation to the goals; and completed progress reports.  With consultation of the director, support the assessment process by outside disciplines as needed. 
    4. Responsible for assuring the children’s safety through appropriate supervision which includes both the visual observation along with the auditory monitoring of all assigned children at all times both inside and outside the classroom.
    5. Complete and submit all necessary paperwork in the established timeframes: daily attendance sheets, daily meal count sheets, records of medications administered, lesson plans, daily sheets, progress reports, documentation of parent/teacher conferences session, maintenance requests, supply and equipment requests and any such paperwork as assigned by a supervisor.
    6. Communicate to the supervisor any concerns regarding a child’s educational or health status and ensure that written documentation regarding the concern is submitted to the director for placement into the child’s file. Monitor, evaluate and respond to such concerns.
    7. Use meal and snack times constructively to teach proper nutrition by role modeling, on a daily basis, good eating habits and good manners while eating with the children and maintaining a family style setting.
    8. Design and maintain creative learning centers that support the High/Scope curriculum.  Ensure learning centers are kept organized, sanitized and labeled and ensure teacher work areas are kept neat and organized.  As appropriate, ensure children are involved in this maintenance process to teach environmental responsibility.  Supply and equipment needs are communicated to the supervisor as needed. Support a health-conscious environment for children, staff and visitors by adhering to sanitation policies and procedures (i.e. appropriate hand washing, sanitation of toys and equipment, sanitizing eating surfaces prior to use, etc).   Each month, evaluate learning center content of all classrooms and submit any deficiencies (as identified by Learning Center Checklist) to supervisor.
    9. Maintain a positive learning environment that is consistent with policy and that supports the acquisition of problem-solving skills, as developmentally appropriate, by using individual or group occurrences to promote positive decision making on the part of the child(ren) involved.
    10. Assist with maintaining a financially sound program by being resourceful, controlling waste and communicating daily attendance and ratio changes as they occur. In the absence of a director, responsible for teacher to classroom assignments to ensure ratios are met and staff utilization is appropriate based off of number of children in attendance. 
    11. Assist parents when necessary with the transition from home to center and center to home.  Identify methods to assist with the transition for individual children based on individual needs. 
    12. Promote a positive atmosphere that enhances the learning environment for children and a positive and professional team environment


    1. Drives van in order to transport children on field trips or to and from school.
    2. Completes job related tasks or responsibilities as requested by the supervisor.
    3. Actively participates in Children's Center team meetings.
    4. Complete training required for position.


    • An Associates Degree in child development or related field is preferred.   Minimum of a high school diploma, two years related field experience, earned CDA or in progress will be considered.
    • Broad-range knowledge of child development.
    • Knowledge of basic health care, how to plan and implement activities, an understanding of positive methods of behavior guidance and discipline techniques, current educational trends and management techniques.
    • Good listening and organizational skills.
    • Creativity, patience, understanding and the ability to nurture and relate to children. 
    • Ability to provide affection, security and continuity of care to children.
    • Ability to consult on child development and referrals to agencies.
    • Ability to communicate verbally and in written form with co-workers, children and parents. 
    • Mature and have the energy and flexibility to meet the changing needs of children.
    • A valid driver’s license may be required.
    • Ability to interact with clients and children with sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural and socioeconomic characteristics in the service population.
    • Ability to positively interact with adults while providing guidance on assigned job duties.

    Position Type: Full-time