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  • Natural Gas Technician Instructor

    This position will be responsible for delivering courses related to Natural Gas Technology. Applicants must be willing to teach a variety of methodologies: face-to-face, hybrid and in lab. This position will teach both in the evening and during the day. This instructor will also be responsible for course and lab instruction and management. All labs must meet safety regulations. Other duties include, but are not limited to, teaching classroom and laboratory sessions, curriculum development/restructuring, committee assignments, student academic advising, student recruitment and responsibility for ordering and maintaining materials and supplies. All candidates interviewed will be required to provide a teaching demonstration. This position is full-time.

    Required Qualifications:

    Bachelor’s degree in Natural Gas (or a similar field) OR 6000 hours work experience.

    Candidate for this position should have expertise in Natural Gas techniques. Expertise should include installing and connecting appliances to gas, water, and electrical supplies, performing maintenance checks on systems, testing safety devices and controls, identifying gas leaks, replacing or repairing parts, and recording details of repairs. Knowledge of natural gas industry and practices. Must maintain lab safety and cleanliness through instructional activities. Usage of an online learning management system is required.


    Position Type: Full-time