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  • Residential Counselor- B/VI 4PLUS program support

    This position will work with post high school aged students aged 17 to 21 enrolled in the 4PLUS program. Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (IESBVI) 4PLUS program is housed on the ISD/IESBVI campus located on the southern edge of Council Bluffs, Iowa.  The campus is 115 acres and within 15 minutes of downtown Omaha, Nebraska.
    Send resume, cover letter, transcripts, and any copies of any credentials, etc to Human Resources; IESBVI; 3501 Harry Langdon Blvd.; Council Bluffs, IA 51503-7898.   Or contact Human Resources by Phone: 712-366-0571; email: jenny.lidgett@iaedb.org for more information.  View general school information and job description on web page: https://www.iesbvi.org/careers/ 

    Primary Function:  Under supervision from the Dean of Students, supervises blind and visually impaired 4Plus students. Supervision occurs during non-classroom hours to provide instructional and recreational activities for proper social, physical, and intellectual development
    Typical Duties and Responsibilities: 
    1. Serves as a leader of the after-school enrichment program which is aimed toward educating students about non-academic matters and assisting students in preparing for the transition from a residential school setting to adult independence.
    2. Understands and communicates the impact of visual and other impairments. Supports successful skill development across all environments. Reinforces independent living skills including, but not limited to personal care, food preparation, clothing management (laundry, sorting, identification), money management, personal organization (materials and time management), and household maintenance as well as social/emotional skills in preparation to transition to independent living. 
    3. Provides tutoring to students on a nightly basis.
    4. Acts as a liaison between the residential program and other campus programs.  Meets with other professional staff as necessary in order to exchange information about students’ progress and well-being.
    5. Works in conjunction with the Student Life Advisor to evaluate students.  Assists the Student Life Advisor in handling referrals that come from other departments on campus.  Performs follow-up work on referrals.
    6. Receives oral and written information from other staff members concerning students’ progress and well-being.
    7. Provides oral and written reports as required and participates in conferences concerning evaluation of student progress.
    8. Plans and reviews a residential life treatment program for students in conjunction with Student Life staff.
    9. Provides intensive treatment-oriented counseling for students in groups or individually.  Provides leadership or guidance when conducting group sessions.
    10. Assists in the development and application of new approaches, methods, techniques, and practices for student development, in consultation with the Dean of Students, the Student Life Advisor, and other professional staff.  Researches students’ backgrounds to assist in developing the correct approach toward the education, training, and development of the students to enter society.
    11. Participates in formal evaluations of student progress in physical, mental, and social development with professional staff and parents.  Contributes to the development of students’ “Individual Education Programs” (IEP’s).
    12. Counsels students and responds to questions and problems.  Uses initiative and independent judgment to resolve difficult and unique problems or emergencies as they arise.
    13. Maintains control through disciplinary action where necessary and reinforces positive behavior.
    14. May assist in the classroom environment and relate acquired classroom instruction and information in the dormitory setting.
    15. Attends a variety of intra-departmental and inter-departmental meetings in order to exchange, review, and evaluate information concerning students’ physical, mental, and social development and to determine appropriate courses of action and to develop approaches toward the education, training, and development of students.
      1. Attends informational sessions with the Student Life staff
      2. Attends meetings with the School’s Clinical Psychologist in order to obtain information concerning appropriate measures to take in improving student behavior.
      3. Attends meeting with the School’s Clinical Psychologist, Student Life Advisor, and residential staff to collect and share information concerning the progress and well-being of specific students.
      4. Attends meeting with department heads to discuss campus-wide problems or students’ concerns.
    16. Transports and/or chaperones students during home-going trips and during other trips.
    17. Performs related work as required.
    Position Requirements:  Bachelor's degree in education, human services, or a related area.  Three years of previous experience working with the Blind.  Knowledge and experience of the needs of blind/visually impaired students, including familiarity of Braille, Orientation and Mobility skills and assistive technology for the Blind.   Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.  Ability to identify student problems and to provide resolution to such problems. Willingness to learn basic conversational ASL. Sign language skills helpful.   
    Applicant must have satisfactory criminal history and abuse registry background checks before hire.
    Salary and Benefits:  Salary range: $40,000 - $58,000/yr.  School year contract.  Full Benefits are available. 
    Work Schedule:  Full-time, school-year position.  195 day contract.  Evening and weekend shifts.  Exact schedule to be determined.
    Application Deadline:  Applications accepted until position is filled. 
    IESBVI is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. A Board of Regents, State of Iowa School

    Position Type: Full-time


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