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  • HVAC Technician


    Responsible for maintaining the heating, cooling and ventilation systems of District facilities in a condition of operating excellence so that full educational use of the physical school plant may be made at all times.


    Essential duties must be performed on site. Other duties may be assigned.

    • Reports to work as scheduled on a regular and reliable basis.

    • Maintains all State, Local safety and code requirements and Board of Education guidelines.

    • Repairs and maintains all types of air conditioning and refrigeration units daily as needed.

    • Repairs and maintains gas, hot water, steam and oil boilers and hot air furnaces.  

    • Rebuilds and repairs burned-out boiler fireboxes daily as needed.

    • Repairs and maintains air handlers, ventilators, cooling coils and radiators along with other mechanical heating and ventilating equipment daily as needed.

    • Monitors and coordinates control panels and thermostats of all systems to maintain standard working temperature daily as needed.

    • Performs regular preventive maintenance, and boiler water treatment programs for all heating and air conditioning equipment on a regularly scheduled basis.

    • Installs and tests new equipment daily as needed.

    • Ability to complete work within the assigned budget and outside vendors.

    • Uses hand tools, both hand and power equipment including all types of welding equipment both gas and electric to perform assigned tasks daily as needed.

    • Recommends supplies and equipment for purchase and maintains the inventory of District-owned hand tools, equipment, hardware, materials and supplies for the HVAC needs. 

    • Accurately orders and accounts for material and labor relative to assignments.

    • May be required to perform District-wide support services in case of emergency situations. 

    • Will assist in analyzing current energy usage, and with the development of the district’s energy management plan in order to provide proper environmental conditions with cost effective energy use.

    • May be required to be on 24-hour call.

    • Other duties as assigned.



    • Required: Completion of a qualified apprenticeship program and/or an associate degree or higher in the appropriate field.  

    • Required: Holds or has the ability to obtain the appropriate licensing required by the District and the City of Council Bluffs for this trade.  

    • Required: Five (5) years or more of experience in the HVAC.  

    • Preferred: Experience in energy management



    • Required: Master HVAC technician or journeyman license

    • Required: Class D valid driver's license with documented good driving record and insurable by the District’s insurance carrier