• Family Specialist

    Posted: 02/15/2021

    Job Description


    Serves as the single point of contact for families in helping families obtain the services and assistance they need. As a member of the Pediatric Integrated Health team, works with families and their children with mental health and behavioral challenges to provide support, resource and referral information and facilitate communication between agencies, service providers, etc. Empowers and enhances family strengths, serves as family advocate; provides family mentoring. Ensures that services are family-centered and provides leadership to promote the needs and well being of children with special health care needs and their families. Co-facilitate family team meetings to develop a care plan to coordinate recommended treatment. 


    1. Provides information to families about resources, funding and services available in the community/area/state.
    2. Provides referrals to families and/or facilitates access to appropriate services. Assists families in obtaining needed services.
    3. Identifies and articulates the concerns and needs of the families. Identifies potential barriers or problems regarding families’ access to services. Assists families in communicating concerns to staff and service providers.
    4. Assists families in applying for specific programs, coordinating applications for funding, necessary evaluations, assessments, services and assistance from all agencies selected by families. Serve as liaison between families and services.
    5. Assists families in locating appropriate support groups and advocacy organizations. Assists in identifying and/or developing local family support groups.
    6. Educates and works with families on developing advocacy skills, empowerment strategies, preparing for meetings.
    7. Develops and maintains positive and productive relationships with families by maintaining intermittent contact with families and ensuring that families are knowledgeable about service options as their child grows and changes. 
    8. Develops and maintains positive and productive relationships with community agencies and service providers, parent to parent networks, support groups community child health team staff. Works collaboratively with all community partners to meet the needs of the families and coordinate services across agency lines. 
    9. Maintains and expands knowledge base about community, state and national resource and services.
    10. Provide timely, accurate documentation of service/care coordination activities. Assists with data collection efforts.
    11. Collaborate and advocate with community and state partners to advance services, deliver trainings, provide education presentations and share family stories.


    1. Is an individual whose family is living well in recovery and who has the experience of being the primary caregiver of a child, who has experienced a loss of a significant role in his/her life due to serious emotional disturbance. 
    2. Will complete a training course approved by Magellan and pass a competency exam. 
    3. A Bachelor's degree in an appropriate discipline or an equivalent combination of education and experience is desirable. 
    4. 6 months related experience is required, including experience working collaboratively with some of the following: support groups, services providers, public and private human services agencies, family to family support groups and health specialists, including experience that demonstrates knowledge of health care resources, mental or behavioral health services, family support organizations, early intervention, community resources and other family support services for children and families with a developmental disability, special health care need and/or behavioral or mental health need care needs.
    5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including experience or capacity to demonstrate positive interpersonal skills and work as a cooperative team member. 
    6. Proficiency in computer software applications, including demonstrated experience in using email and using the internet for conducting research and location of possible resources. 
    7. Ability to travel within a defined region including a valid driver’s license.