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  • Foster Care Transition Services Supervisor

    Posted: 08/31/2021


    The purpose of this position is to facilitate and supervise the services provided by this organization, in the community, for children “aging out” of foster care. This will be accomplished through the implementation of the Iowa Aftercare Network services and Iowa Foster Care Youth Council contracts. The Transition Services Supervisor will supervise and coordinate these services for youth who are referred and eligible..   

    This position will supervise the Self Sufficiency Advocates and the Youth Council Facilitators, and will oversee sub contractors who may also be providing these services. This will involve case assignment, case supervision, task supervision and task backup for the Self Sufficiency Advocates and the Youth Council Facilitators; it will also include collecting and aggregating the necessary outcome, utilization, and quality assurance documentation, and submitting monthly billing to the Lead Agency. 


    1. Provide effective leadership for the Aftercare and the Foster Care Youth Council services by understanding and communicating the vision and mission of the organization to the assigned staff. 
    2. Practice and model effective communication, using crises as opportunities for growth, and lifelong learning as a part of the changing and growing process. 
    3. Provide supervision for the Self Sufficiency Advocates and the Youth Council Facilitators.  This will include recruiting, hiring, training, and, assigning, scheduling and evaluating staff for these positions as well as ongoing task and case supervision, and quality assurance. 
    4. Participate in monthly conference calls with other Network and Youth Council providers for the service in order to be updated on any changes or requirements. 
    5. Attend quarterly meetings with the statewide network, and relay pertinent information to the staff and subcontractors providing the services. 
    6. Submit billing for each service on a monthly basis. 
    7. Provide monthly supervision with each of the Self Sufficiency Advocates, with at least one time each quarter being a face to face meeting.
    8. Attend at least two of the Youth Council meetings per year at each location.
    9. Oversee the work of the subcontractors for Aftercare, review their billing, and report to them any service changes or procedure training through quarterly meetings with the staff who provide direct services. 
    10. Ensure service delivery quality through the implementation of practices that are evidence-based, when possible, in compliance with the appropriate accreditation standards, contracts and grants. Use consumer feedback, outcomes, performance and utilization data to determine performance improvement opportunities and successes.
    11. Participate in the development and administration of program budgets each year consistent with organization practices and expectations, ensuring internal compliance with organization financial control systems. 
    12. Participate in grant administration by assuring that the required reports and applications are submitted in a timely manner.  Also, submit any required reports on the programs to be used internally. 


    1. Participate in the organization’s Performance Improvement process.
    2. Promote a positive work environment. 
    3. Complete training necessary to perform position consistent with program and organization staff development plans.
    4. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor. 


    • Master’s Degree in human services and two years experience in a related field is preferred. Bachelor’s Degree and at least 3 years experience in human services is acceptable. 
    • Ability to apply creative thinking and sound management reasoning to problems and challenges associated with the position.
    • Knowledge of laws, regulations, best practices guidelines, and financial accounting standards pertinent to the functions and activities conducted.
    • Ability to interact with sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural differences in the service population.
    • Self-motivated with good organizational and managerial skills including proven ability to work with and motivate staff and volunteers.
    • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written skills with the ability to rapidly establish relationships with staff, community, public and professional individuals, donors, potential donors and volunteers. 
    • Valid drivers license, own a vehicle and automobile insurance that meets agency policy. Eligible to drive on agency business per our insurance standards.

    Position Type: Full-time