• Disaster Action Team (DAT) Duty Officer (Volunteer Position)

    Offer Valid: 04/09/2021 - 06/30/2021

    • This Virtual Volunteer Duty Officer Assignment ensures timely activation and monitoring of local and regional DAT responses as well as supports the DAT program at the chapter/territory or region level.
    • Responsibilities


      1. May determine if Red Cross action is required; may decide if Red Cross will respond via DAT.
      2. Uses event triggers such as size, scope, and type of the event to direct the DAT response.
      3. Works with on-scene DAT leadership to support the response and provide technical guidance.
      4. Support and trains new Duty Officers.
    • Functional

      1. Dispatch DAT members and monitor the response to ensure appropriate resources are made available.
      2. Activate Disaster Health Services, Disaster Mental Health, and Disaster Spiritual Care, Public Affairs when requested.
      3. Documents incoming disaster notification and creates & verifies events in RC View, when applicable.
      4. May be required to monitor activity across multiple DAT responses.
      5. Notify Chapter and Regional staff of significant events, and contribute to an Initial Incident Report, when appropriate.
      6. Attends regularly scheduled team/DAT meetings as required by Chapter/Region.
    • Time Commitment
    • Qualifications

      G/A/P of RES/DAT/SA or above and

      • Demonstrated leadership and communication skills.
      • Demonstrated commitment to mission of the American Red Cross.
      • Ability to remotely monitor and track details of DAT responses
      • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks in complex and stressful situations.
      • Proficient with Red Cross systems and online interfaces.
      • Sit and/or stand for minimum two hour periods
      • Work for long periods on computer
      • Speak clearly on the phone and in person