• Mentoring with Council Bluffs TeamMates Mentoring Program

    September to May During the School Day
    09/15/2021 - 09/15/2022

    One of the greatest gifts you can give to someone is your time. By signing up as a mentor you are committing to meet with your student mentee each week. During your time together you can talk, play games, laugh, draw, throw the football or find other ways to connect. Currently we have 48 students looking to be matched with a mentor. Would you help us reach our goal to match each student in the 2021-2022 school year with a mentor.

    The mission of TeamMates is to:

     Impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring.

    • Mentors will be matched with a students in grades 3 - 12.
    • A mentor can select the age they want to be matched with.
    • Both the mentor and the mentee fill out an interest form and a match will be made based on interests.
    • Mentors can only meet with their mentee during the school day.
    • We recommend the match stays together through high school 

    Would you consider being a mentor today? If so, please go to: Council Bluffs - TeamMates Chapters and click the red "Become a Mentor" button.

    If you have questions please reach out to Elana Zalar @ ezalar@cbcsd.org.