• CB Chamber Touts Relocation Benefits for Veterans

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | October 18, 2021
    Drew Kamp, President & CEO
    Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce
    149 W Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA 51503 | 402.415.7207 | drew@councilbluffsiowa.com  
    Alicia Frieze, Workforce Development Director
    Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce
    149 W Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA 51503 | 712.314.0485 | alicia@councilbluffsiowa.com

    COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA – Home Base Iowa (HBI) is a program that provides benefits to veterans and their families.  The HBI program connects Iowa businesses with qualified veterans and their spouses looking for career opportunities.  In addition, the program provides resources to assist veterans in relocating to Iowa and advancing their education. 
    The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce is a partner with the Home Base Iowa program. The CB Chamber serves as a community voice for veterans connecting area businesses with the HBI program, establishing relocation incentives, and coordinating educational opportunities. Through the Home Base Iowa program, veterans can review incentives and find access to exclusive benefits.
    In support of HBI’s efforts, the Pottawattamie County Veterans Affairs office is now offering a $2,500 incentive for veterans to relocate to Pottawattamie County in Iowa.  Couple this benefit with the state incentive, and veterans could receive up to $7,500 to relocate to Pottawattamie County.  This incentive is available to any Honorably Discharged U.S. Veteran.
    “We (Pottawattamie County Veteran Affairs) are very excited to offer this great benefit to veterans considering moving to our county.  We would like to thank the County Board of Supervisors for supporting this initiative, and we look forward to working with new Veterans to our area,” expressed Nick Jedlicka, veteran affairs director for Pottawattamie County.
    "HBI communities that have provided meaningful attraction and retention initiatives for veterans and their families have seen a positive return on investment,” says Jathan Chicone, program manager for Home Base Iowa.  “It's also the right thing to do and a part of our broader efforts in returning services to those who have served all of us as a society." 
    “Providing incentives and actively recruiting veterans to our community broaden our local tax base and helps our employers fill open positions with qualified employees,” says Drew Kamp, president & CEO for the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce.  “This allows us to recruit outstanding citizens dedicated to giving back to their community.”
    The HBI program also offers indirect benefits to local Iowa communities.  Veterans are a talent pipeline of skilled and motivated workers.  The HBI program is a free tool for recruitment. Area business are able to register as business partners through the HBI program and then have the ability to search all veteran resumes.  The HBI program helps area employers fill many of our workforce needs. Employers can also register to receive email notifications when a veteran profile is published matching their profile criteria making transitions quick and timely.
    “Pottawattamie County currently has over 2,000 jobs openings.  Couple that with an unemployment rate of 3.7%, with a labor participation rate of 66.8%, we need to start actively recruiting workforce that will relocate,” says Alicia Frieze, workforce development director for the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce.  “Home Base Iowa is an amazing platform to help veterans relocate to Pottawattamie County and assist employers in recruiting a highly qualified and skilled workforce.”
    For more information regarding benefits available to veterans in Pottawattamie County, please visit the CB Chamber Veteran Resources page at www.councilbluffsiowa.com/veteran-resources.