• Diversified Job Boards

    Do you have positions open where you can not find the right candidate? Maybe that is because you're fishing in the same applicant pool you always use. Diversifying what job boards you are publishing can get you in front of new candidates and bring more attention to your company.

    Why post to multiple job boards?

    Expanding your reach helps you find new and top talent.

    Try posting to a variety of job boards and being specific about diversifying your workforce at the same time!

    According to recruiteeblog below are three good reasons to publish your job openings to multiple and diversified job boards. 

    1. It maximizes your reach and enables diversity recruiting tactics.
    2. It lets you target niche segments of applicants, and tailor your messaging to their interests.
    3. Ultimately, this leads to more (and better) applicant pools.

    The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce has collected several diversified job boards for you to consider.  We have also included application tools to help ensure that your job description is not biased and close your opening to potential candidates. 

    Job Board Options