• Do you know about Home Base Iowa?

    Home Base Iowa is a FREE program to connect businesses to veterans looking for employment.

    Home Base Iowa business partners can see resumes of veterans who are currently seeking employment.  Businesses seeking candidates that match registered veterans' skillset and job requirements will receive an email notification about that veteran’s resume.

    HBI is a tool to find and recruit veterans to join your workforce.

    To register as a business partner follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to - https://www.homebaseiowa.gov/
    2. Hoover over Our Partners          
      1. Click on Business Partners
    3. Click – Become a Home Base Iowa Business
    4. Click - Register as a Veteran or Home Base Iowa Partner
    5. Complete your enrollment
    Now, you can conduct custom searches for veterans seeking employment.  Here are a few best practice tips for using HBI.
    • Search the database at least monthly.
    • When searching the database – under Location of Employment – always click Any County.
      • (ALL Veterans in the U.S. can and DO upload their resume to HBI. These are veterans who may not live in Pottawattamie County, but ARE willing to relocate to the area.)
    • Use HBI as a recruitment tool. Directly email any veteran who has your desired skills.
    • Feel free to use this sample email template to help recruit veterans who have to relocate. (all included as an attachment.)   
    • Get familiar with the veteran benefits of living in Iowa at https://va.iowa.gov/benefits
      • For example: did you know that a relocating veteran may be eligible for a Military Homeownership Assistance grant of $5,000! Or that in Iowa their Military Pensions are exempt from state income tax?
    • Get familiar with our counties incentives at https://www.homebaseiowa.gov/resources/communities/pottawattamie/
    • Let the HBI team know when you’re hiring.  They have monthly virtual job fairs and will promote your open positions.
    • Let the HBI team know if you are having a hiring fair.  They will email their veteran clients.
    Does your business offer a veteran discount or incentive? Let Alicia or HBI know so that we can get you listed on our county's incentive page.
    If you would like to go over Home Base Iowa or have additional questions, please feel free to contact Alicia Frieze.