• Google's Completion of Construction Phase Brings Total Investment in Iowa to $5 Billion

    Community Impact Extends Beyond Data Center Walls
    COUNCIL BLUFFS - The recent construction phase completed by Google at its Council Bluffs data center site brings its total investment in Council Bluffs to $5 billion. Click here for photos of the Council Bluffs data center available for media use.
    The Google data center in Council Bluffs is one of its largest facilities and has created jobs for over 900 people in a variety of full-time and external supplier roles, including computer technicians, engineers, and various food services, maintenance, and security roles.
    Google has established a long-term commitment to the state and has continued to live the mission of organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible by all, through support of projects and initiatives that help bridge the digital divide. Internet accessibility is a priority for Google in home communities like Council Bluffs, and Google was a key partner in the effort to bring the BLink community wi-fi network online for Council Bluffs. 
    “Google’s $5 billion of capital investment represents an unprecedented financial commitment within the entire metropolitan area that is by itself staggering. However, financial expenditure doesn’t truly quantify what having a partner like Google has meant to Council Bluffs over these past 15 years,” said Council Bluffs Mayor Matt Walsh. “During that time frame, Google has regularly contributed to the education of our students, helped our local businesses bring their goods and services to market by teaching them ways to establish their own Google Business Profile, and they regularly serve as a contributing partner toward BLink, the City’s free Wi-Fi network. Through these and many other ways, Google has helped to turn Council Bluffs into a hub for technology, innovation, and opportunity.”
    Since 2009, Google has awarded more than $3 million to local schools and nonprofit organizations including efforts to expand computer science education and upskilling Iowans to help grow their careers and expand their businesses.
    “For more than a decade now, Google has been a partner in education innovation,” said Dr. Vickie Murillo, Superintendent of the Council Bluffs Community School District. “Google has made a lasting impact on our school community in a variety of ways, from the gift of 500 early-edition Chromebooks in a pilot phase, to the company's critical support of the free community wi-fi network, to grants for equipment and training, and even sweat equity through volunteerism."
    Throughout Iowa, 163,000 Iowa businesses have connected with their customers through Google, and Grow with Google has partnered with more than 160 organizations in the state to train tens of thousands of Iowans on digital skills, including public libraries, chambers of commerce, and more. Google has also supported STEM learning for 1K+ Iowa students through hands-on learning opportunities like the Anti-Gravity Games and CS First coding events.
    “The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce is so appreciative of Google and their continued capital investment and job creation in the Council Bluffs community,” said Drew Kamp, President and CEO of the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce. “We are extremely fortunate to have them in Council Bluffs and proud to be the home of one of Google’s largest global data centers. Google is an exemplary corporate citizen and always comes to the table as a willing partner that will do everything they can to move the community forward for the collective good.”
    Last year alone, 11,000 businesses, nonprofits, publishers, creators, and developers helped generate $1.5 billion of economic activity for Iowa using Google’s products and services. 
    “Google is proud to call Iowa home, and this continued level of investment in our data center facilities underscores our long-term commitment to the state and strong desire to be an active member of this community,” said Ryan Ackels, Site Lead at Google’s data center in Council Bluffs.