• GrowCB - Program Introduction

    On December 14, the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce's formally introduced their new program GrowCB, by presenting the program partners with their plaque.  The partners of GrowCB are Career EdVantage, Council Bluffs Community School District, and Lewis Central Community School District. 

    • GrowCB is intended to be a conduit and platform for youth-business partnerships. The program will be an ongoing program in which businesses provide work-based experiences directly to area students. The purpose of such a program is to help young people appreciate the importance of quality education and how it relates to opportunities in the workforce. Students will also explore the local workforce while continuing to focus on their education. The program will require a mutual commitment from the chamber, businesses, students, student program, and area schools, who will work together to provide career awareness, exploration, and experience opportunities. 

      Each partnership is unique in that there is not a set curriculum.  If a business is partnering through an area school districts’ “work-based learning” or another student program, they become a GrowCB  Business Member. 

      For their participation as a GrowCB business partner, they will receive a GrowCB plaque during a GrowCB celebration at their business.  The Mayor, CEO/President of the Chamber, and the CB Ambassadors will be present at the plaque celebration. The CB Chamber will promote the presentation on its website, newsletters, and social media platform before and after the event. The business' logo and a hyperlink to their website will be listed on the GrowCB page as a GrowCB Business Member. 

      To learn about how you can work with the program partners and become a 
      GrowCB Business Member, please visit the GrowCB webpage.