Through a Talent Survey in 2018, we discovered the following four workforce "challenges." 

    1. Reduce aggregate employee turnover within participating businesses to less than 10%.  improve employee retention at local employers.
      • Currently: The average turnover is 33% (employers participating in the original research).  
    2. Increase percent of people participating in the labor pool to 80%.  In other words: decrease % of people in the community that doesn’t participate in the workforce.  
      • Participating ‘available’ labor is currently 66% (33% of potential labor force/ adults do not participate in the workforce).    
    3. Increase brain gain (% of adults with education beyond high school) to 55%. This is accomplished by either retaining talent in our community and/or upscaling the skills of existing labor.   
      • Is estimated to be less than 40%.
    4. Increase the number of employers that offer fully-funded apprenticeship programs to 50% (wage earned + paid education).
      • The data is unavailable. Is assumed to be low; less than 10%. 
    The CB Chamber is working on solutions to these challenges.  In order to be successful, we need continued support and participation from our members. Many of our members will be receiving a request to participate in another Talent Survey.  The purpose is to see if the stated challenges have shifted and to track if participation in our new programs and initiatives are showing positive results, primarily focused on hirer retention numbers at your place of business. 

    Once the data is collected, the market data will be shared with participants. (No company information will be included.) So, if you'd like to participate in the survey and receive the market data, please click on the survey below. 

    If you have questions, please reach out to Alicia directly. 


    Alicia Frieze
    Workforce Development Director
    C: 712-314-0485