• News Release: YLCB Class 17

    Youth Leadership Council Bluffs (YLCB), a program of the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce, is designed to develop and educate youth to become socially minded, active young adults. YLCB is designed to create a two-fold investment. Community members and stakeholders invest in the development and education of youth by lending guidance to learn about community leadership. In turn, youth become invested in the community because of their experiences and the relationships established during the program.
    This 9-month leadership program invests in area students by teaching them about community-minded subjects including leadership, teamwork, government, heritage, health and human services, economic development, education, and more.
    “The main goal of YLCB is to provide area youth with interactive experiences that build connections to the community,” says Lori Shields, VP of communications and leadership development for the CB Chamber.
    Thirty students from Pottawattamie County have been selected to participate in the program this year.  These students include:
    Kylee Buckles, Lewis Central High School
    Elizabeth Escobar, Abraham Lincoln High School
    Alison Frieze, Abraham Lincoln High School
    Mary Graeve, Lewis Central High School
    Shea Hopp, Tri-Center High School
    Jadyn Huisman, Treynor High School
    Lizeth Lopez, Abraham Lincoln High School
    Jessica Martens, Riverside
    Lillian Mass, Abraham Lincoln High School
    Camryn Moon, Abraham Lincoln High School
    Kyleigh Moore, Lewis Central High School
    Hannah Morris, Thomas Jefferson High School
    Austin Nielsen, Thomas Jefferson High School
    Haley Nowlin, Treynor High School
    Kaitlyn Nuzum, Underwood High School
    Cole Pekny, Saint Albert High School
    Emma Planck, Thomas Jefferson High School
    Jacqueline Renteria, Abraham Lincoln High School
    Molly Romano, Abraham Lincoln High School
    Tara Sadr, Treynor High School
    Alexa Schwartz, Treynor High School
    Lucille Scott, Lewis Central High School
    Ryan Smith, Thomas Jefferson High School
    Zoe Spearman, Abraham Lincoln High School
    Kate Spitznagle, Underwood High School
    Makenzie Stephens, Lewis Central High School
    Paige Sundberg, Saint Albert High School
    Simeon Weers, Tri-Center High School
    Korey Wells, Lewis Central High School
    Owen Wise, Saint Albert High School