• Reach More Talent - for FREE

    The CB Chamber just subscribed to a new resource to help connect our labor pool to YOU the employer through the platform - YouScience.  Now, for the first time, companies are being permitted to register on the YouScience system, making their company more visible to local workers including those under or unemployed and students!  The Employer Connection Portal – is a platform to assist local talent to become aware and better understand the businesses in our community.
    How does it work?
    Local employers enter company information and indicate the skills desired from potential employees.  Using a proprietary algorithm that matches each individual's talents and skills, YouScience identifies individuals that are well suited to an employer’s needs.  Qualified candidates are aligned to suitable employment opportunities in the Employer Connection Portal.
    Are you ready to find your future workforce?  
    The attached brochure will get you started. You can register for FREE here: https://opportunities.youscience.com/employer/registration 
    What is YouScience and why does it matter to local businesses?
    YouScience is an aptitude-based career guidance tool being used by the chamber to help our local talent identify best-fit careers. 
    In addition, our local school systems are starting to use the platform to get students certified skills learned in Career and Technical courses that prepare them for your workforce! (Your future talent pipeline.) 
    The Employer Connection Platform connects companies to local talent, and as an engaged employer the benefits to your organization will include: 
    Influencing talent by promoting your career opportunities. 
    Building a better prepared and more diverse talent pipeline. 
    Identifying specific skills necessary for needed positions within your organization. 
    Maybe the best part… It is FREE! As an early mover, there is no cost to get your brand in front of talent! 

    Please email Alicia Frieze | Workforce Development Director for more information or with any questions.