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  • Iowa Western Community College and the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce are excited to announce the launch of REWAARD, a groundbreaking program aimed at fostering growth and success for local businesses and their employees. We understand the importance of continuous learning and upskilling in today’s dynamic economy.  That’s why we’ve joined forces to offer a unique opportunity that combines tailored non-credit training courses with tuition reimbursement for participating businesses. 

    REWAARD is a collaborative initiative designed to provide local businesses with the tools they need to unlock their full potential. By partnering with IWCC and the CB Chamber companies gain access to customizable training courses developed by a team of experts who understand the region’s economic landscape and specific business needs. 


    Customized Training: We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for professional development.  Our experienced team will work closely with your business to create courses that address the specific skill gaps and challenges faced by your employees. 

    Tuition Reimbursement: We understand the financial commitment involved in employee training, which is why we have established a special fund to offer partial tuition reimbursement to participating businesses. (Each training course will have a different cost. All costs will be discussed with the business during consultation. The CB Chamber and IWCC will cover half the cost for each participating employee. The business is responsible for the remaining costs.

    Skill Enhancement for Higher Pay: IWCC  courses will be designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of approved employees and enhance your workforce. 



    1. Applications will be open and available through IWCC website.
    2. After reviewing the application a consultation with the business will be set up to see if the employees and skills needed to be promoted will fit into the program.
    3. If said business and employee are approved a mutual MOU will be signed by the business.
    4. Sample MOU will be shared with the business to present to said employee if desired.