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  • Executive Women's Partnership

  • Mission
    Bringing accomplished leaders together in an inclusive environment to grow and accelerate the role women play in Council Bluffs executive leadership, through mentorship, education and innovative programming.  

    • Fostering diversity and inclusion among women leaders.
    • Providing executive training and professional development that advances and adds value to female executives.
    • Building confidence in female executives to lead and make decisions with poise and self-assurance.
    • Establishing a clear place for women as executives and leaders in our community.
    • Championing an atmosphere throughout the community that allows women to be respected and successful as executives and leaders.


    Membership Criteria

    • Must be a member of the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce (your employer or as an individual) and in good standings with the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce as determined by the CB Chamber Board of Directors.
    • Must be a women employed at one of the following levels:
      • C-Suite level
      • Executive level, VP or senior most representative for your organization representing the Council Bluffs area
      • Business owner/Entrepreneur (annual revenues must be at least $1 million).
    • No more than two employees per organization.
    • Membership shall represent diverse industries throughout the community.  No industry shall represent more than 50% of membership.


    Annual Membership Dues
    Membership dues of $300 are collected annually to participate in the Executive Women's Partnership.  These dues will cover the costs of regular meetings, luncheons and programming. (Membership dues for 2021 year will be prorated to $150).