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Pathways Forward

Pathways Forward



YouScience is the science of YOU – how your mind is wired, what makes you tick, the skills and knowledge that set you apart. You have talent and there’s a path that’s right for you – we can help you find it.


Your aptitudes (natural abilities most important to career choice) and interests give you a unique approach and a competitive advantage for careers. Aptitudes don’t care what you look like or where you’re from – plan a future that makes the most of your special kind of awesome.


You have talent employers need. YouScience uses seriously cool code to take what you like, what you naturally do well, and the skills you’ve learned, to match you with opportunities and industries. What if your dream job is career a you’ve never heard of, or a company you’ve never considered?

After you find out how your brain ticks, this tool will map you to local employers looking for YOU!

The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce will be purchasing and working with the following program partners to provide this tool and career mapping application to our second-chance and homeless population.  With a goal to show them a way to re-enter our community as a working, law-abiding, and productive citizen.


  1. Get 100 second-chance/homeless citizens to complete YouScience. ​
  2. Get 60% of those who have completed YouScience into an education, apprenticeship, or occupation that aligns with their YouScience results/their career goals.


The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce will be working with the following program partners, to purchase the YouScience license for year one and help them facilitate the execution of delivering these tests to the clients and then having the follow-up discussion to get participants into either educational or career paths that they will naturally be geared for success.

The partners will facilitate the tests and discussion conversations with participants.  They will then work with the workforce development director, Alicia Frieze, to help find individuals' education, training, or careers in desired locations.


Alicia Frieze will work with local business leaders, preparing them for the opportunity to open up a new talent pipeline through second-chance workers.  The preparation will consist of workshops developed and facilitated by Alicia and professional experts in the area of recruiting and retention of second-chance citizens.

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