• Professional Development Workshops

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  • New and Emerging Leaders

    This opportunity is available twice a year. Our next opportunity will be in 2022.

    General Descriptions
    One of the most influential roles within an organization is that of a manager. Managers make decisions every day that affect their entire organization and ensure a commitment to honesty, equality and workplace ethics. They direct the work of organizations' most valuable resources - their people. But who supports the manager? 

    This series of courses outlines the role of an ethical manager in the workplace. It develops the skills to motivate, empower, and grow employees in a culture of respect.  We look at management from a perspective that recognizes WHAT you do is as important as HOW you do it. Reputation counts – yours and your organizations. Join us to develop the skills of ethical management. 

    Session One – Being an Organizational Leader
    In this session, we focus on what it means to be an ethical manager and to have a culture of respect. We examine what practical steps must be undertaken to leave behind the role of individual contribution and to pick up the mantle of manager and leader. Lastly, we look at how to regulate yourself while under stress and to help your employees navigate their emotions under stress to ensure a professional work environment of mutual respect.

    Skill to practice: Letting go of Individual Contributor role and adopting management tasks, keeping control under stressful situations

    Session Two – Building an Exceptional Team
    In this session, we examine team development and the use of feedback to help teams to evolve into self-sustaining, high performing units within your organization. We practice being honest with employees to help them grow and to validate what they are doing well. We identify what motivates people and what incentives them to give their best. 

    Skills to practice: Feedback, coaching and employee engagement 

    Session Three – Setting Vision and Goals
    In this session, we focus on how to ignite employee passion for the work they do and setting clear, actionable goals so employees know what is expected of them and what success looks like.  We’ll discover how to influence teams to perform and discuss how change can affect employee’s focus.

    Skills to practice: Influencing, goal setting, and change management

    Session Four – Managing Team and Work Execution
    In this session, we show respect for the talents and gifts of employees and helping them to use them through practical delegation and empowerment practices. We recognize how to organize our work and the work of our employees to ensure we respect our own boundaries yet meet the needs of our organization.

    Skills to practice: Time Management and delegation & empowerment

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  • Next Level Leadership
    This opportunity is available twice a year. Our next opportunity is in September.
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    Do you know what level of influence you have as a leader? More importantly, do you know how to continue to develop your influence?  What the leaders on your team managing your associate?  

    Join us for two half-day workshops to learn about the Five Levels of Leadership. 

    Day 1: This workshop will focus on the tenants of the 5-Levels of Leadership. Participants will work to:
    • Understand the different levels of leadership and influence
    • Identify at which level their influence maybe with each person they lead
    • How to increase their individual influence
    Day 2: The workshop would also provide leaders an opportunity to create an actual leadership development plan for their organization. In doing so, participants would:
    • Identify what level of influence individual leaders they supervise are operating from
    • Understand the behaviors, mindset, and actions needed to help leaders within their organization increase their influence, create higher functioning teams, improve employee retention, and reach for their organizations' potential.

    This professional development workshop was developed and will be delivered by Casey Putney, with Business Ethics Alliance. 

    Casey Putney is a leadership professional with over 20 years of training, evaluation, professional development, and consulting experience in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. He holds a master?s degree in Organizational Leadership, is certified in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace, and is a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach, and trainer.

    This workshop is intended for "C-Suites", Executive, Senior, and VP Leaders.