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  • Iowa provides several benefits to veterans. Please find a brief list below. For additional details and services, please visit va.iowa.gov/benefits.

    • Homeownership Assistance
      This $5,000 grant is available to a service member who is buying a home in the state of Iowa. 
    • Property Tax Exemption
      This benefit reduces a veteran's assessed home value for property tax purposes by $1852.
    • Disabled Veteran's Homestead Tax Credit
      This legislation, from the year 2014, provides 100% exemption of property taxes for 100% disabled service-connected veterans and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) recipients. 
    • Military Retirement Tax Exemption
      This legislation, from the year 2014, exempts federal retirement pay received for military service and survivor benefits from state individual income tax. 
    • Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License
      Veterans in receipt of at least a 0% service-connected disability can receive a lifetime hunting or fishing license for a $7.00 fee. To qualify, the Iowa resident must have served on active federal service and was disabled as a result of that service. 
  • Pottawattamie County's Veteran Relocation Incentive 

    The Pottawattamie County Veteran Relocation Inventive Program was developed in partnership with the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce, Home Base Iowa, and the Pottawattamie County Veteran Affairs office. The program is run and funded by the Pottawattamie County Veterans Affairs office. 

    The Pottawattamie County Veteran Relocation Incentive Program was created to encourage veterans to move within the county. The program is available to Honorably Discharged U.S. Veterans. If interested, please visit the Pottawattamie County Veterans Affairs Office online here or by calling (712) 328-5797.