• April - BetterCulture Resources

    April - BetterCulture Resources

    BetterCulture Chamber Partners –

    It may be April, but we aren't fooling around when it comes to our FREE resources for the month. One is an upcoming webinar and one is a free downloadable – and both are taking up critical business challenges (how to lead in a remote world; and how to spot/select great supervisors). 

    FREE Webinar: The Essentials for Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams

    • Date/Time: Thursday, April 20th 12:00pm - 1:00pm Central Time 
    • Cost: FREE for Chamber Members
    • Registration: https://www.betterculture.com/leading-remote-hybrid-teams-webinar
    • Here is some sample language: FREE Member Resource Time! 🎉 As you may know, we've established a partnership with BetterCulture that is aimed at providing resources, insights, and support on the pressing topic of workplace culture. As one of the FREE offerings that will come to you through this partnership, please mark your calendars to join BetterCulture’s next webinar The Essentials for Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams" on Thursday April 20th at 12:00pm CT. You’ll hear some of the common challenges of leading a hybrid or remote team, and learn best practices on how to build trust, improve communication, strengthen relationships, and improve overall team performance. Learn more and register here (https://www.betterculture.com/leading-remote-hybrid-teams-webinar) and keep an eye out for even more upcoming opportunities from our partnership with BetterCulture!

    FREE Resource: 22 Characteristics of Amazing Supervisors

    Here is some sample language: Are your employees working under great supervisors? Are you hiring or promoting the right people into leadership roles? What are the signs of a potential amazing supervisor? Our partner, BetterCulture, has the answer to these questions and more. Download their list of 22 Characteristics of Amazing Supervisors to see how your current supervisors stack up, and use it to help identify employees that are primed for the next round of promotions. Download this FREE Resource Here: https://www.betterculture.com/22-characteristics-supervisors