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  • GrowCB is a program of the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce. GrowCB is intended to be a conduit and platform for youth-business partnerships. The program will be an ongoing program in which businesses work-based experiences directly to area students. The purpose of such a program is to help young people appreciate the importance of quality education and how it relates to opportunities in the workforce. Students will also explore the local workforce while continuing to focus on their education. The program will require a mutual commitment from the chamber, businesses, students, and area schools, who will work together to provide career awareness, exploration, and experience opportunities. 

    Each partnership is unique in that there is not a set curriculum.  If a business is partnering through an area school districts’ “work-based learning” or another programmi the partnering school may have developed desired partnership outlines with suggested action plans.  These program outlines are to be used as the program base but are not intended to be restrictive.  Below you will find the CB Chamber’s and each school district's current program opportunities and their point of contact. Please reach out to the desired school district directly to discuss involvement opportunities.

    For your participation as a GrowCB business partner, you will receive a GrowCB plaque during a GrowCB celebration at your business.  The Mayor, CEO/President of the Chamber, and the CB Ambassadors will be present at your plaque celebration. The CB Chamber will promote your presentation on its website, newsletters, and social media platform before and after the event. Your business logo hyperlinked to your website will be listed on this page as a GrowCB Member. You are a youth employer, please let Workforce Development Director, Alicia Frieze know and your business will also be listed on our youth employer job board.

  • GrowCB  Program Partners
  • Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce ‚Äč

    Youth Employer Partnership 

    You can become a GrowCB partner directly through the chamber by being a youth employer. To register as a youth employer please complete the registration form below. 

    Here are additional things to consider implementing if you decide to be a youth employer. 

    • Establish a scholarship fund or present an award to an outstanding student employee 
    • Limit the hours students work in a given week and evening work hours. Recognizing that students need to be physically and mentally engaged in classes by 8 am. (Earlier for student-athletes.) 
    • Be sensitive to major school projects and school-related events such as term papers, exams, games, performances, and school-related trips. 
    • Speak with your employees about the importance of regular school attendance and good grades. 
    • Provide incentives in the workplace for student employees who have good attendance and grades. 


  • Career EdVantage SWI

    Career EdVantage SWI (CEV) is a nonprofit organization established in 2019 and is focused on career exploration, development, and readiness for youth in Southwest Iowa. CEV provides educational and training opportunities for committed students through meaningful relationships and supportive coaching.

    CEV collaborates with business partners to offer education and training opportunities and experiences for students, such as workplace tours, job shadows, industry consultations, internships, apprenticeships, and employment placement.

    CEV currently operates in eight school districts in Southwest Iowa, including AHSTW, Tri-Center, Riverside, Shenandoah, Lewis Central, Treynor, Glenwood, and Underwood.

    CEV is always seeking more businesses to solidify partnerships and collaborative efforts.

    Benefits for the business partner include filling specific employment needs, employing youth – providing them the chance to gain crucial experience, employees that have wraparound support from a trained coach, and employing local, talented, and prepared Iowans.

    Career EdVantage SWI                                                                            Director of Strategic Initiatives                                                                   Bailey McQueen-Jones                                                                                 bailey@careeredvantage.org | 712-796-3612. 

  • Council Bluffs Community School District 

    The Council Bluffs Community School District would like to partner with your business to provide high school students work-based learning opportunities. 


    Current Program Opportunities 

    • Job Shadowing 
    • Presentations to classes or grades 
    • Internship opportunities 
    • Pre-apprenticeship opportunities
    • Apprenticeship Opportunitites 
    • Business Site Tours 


    If you are interested in learning more or becoming a partner of the Council Bluffs Community School District, please contact D'Lisa. Once you have come to an agreement with CBCSD, the CB Chamber will reach out to you to make GrowCB arrangements. 


    Work Based Learning Coordinator 
    D'Lisa Ware 
    dware@cb-schools.org | 712-325-3223
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